Due to our year-long experience in the movie and TV industry, we can offer profound expert knowledge. We have the most competent personnel in the industry. Productions and Co-productions of KaiserFilm have been very successful in movie theaters, TV, on the Internet and won gold in Cannes.

Our feature production “Love Signs” ran five weeks in movie theaters.

KaiserFilm co-produced documentation “Texta in & out” was the opening movie of “Crossing Europe,” a main film festival in Linz. Furthermore, 3sat reached a broad audience in the German speaking countries and regions with contributions of KaiserFilm.

KaiserFilm works also with the ORF for the news section.

In addition, KaiserFilm broadcasted on the Internet a work of the artist Han Lan that was clicked over 1.6 million times on YouTube.

With our unique style with which we create products and persons, we leave the recipient with lasting impressions.

I, Jakob Kaiser, found my calling in movie making. In the master class under Janusz Kontradiuk, I learned to work with light and shadow to create illusions. In 2007 I founded KaiserFilm

mag. Jakob Kaiser, aac